Do you believe in the power of passing on helpfulness and optimistic vibes?

 I do.

I believe God has me here on earth for a few purposes. Of course to be a daughter, wife, and mother, to create in many different ways, to help others and to PASS IT ON.

I am a huge believer in what you put out there is what others will take and carry with them for the rest of the day.

Think about it. When someone has been ill-mannered, offensive, mean, or just plain rude what does it do to you? You may or may not realize it but you are affected by this impolite person. A friend who is being foul may put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day without you realizing how or why you got in that ugly mood. An acquaintance you know says something rude to you and you are now placed on the bad mood list. A person you don’t know gave you an ugly face while checking you out at the grocery store and now that negative energy has passed on to you…..and you are in a foul mood passing it on to others around you.



It is like a virus from hell. Instead of spreading your germs you are spreading negativity and it INFECTS every person HARD and FAST….unless you have the vaccination that is 95 percent effective.

What’s the vaccination?

Are you ready??

You have to learn that you can’t let the people around you place you in an unhealthy and negative energy. BOOM. That’s it. Easier said than done….that’s why I said a 95% rate. When someone puts me in a bad mood I have to work my way out of it. I still get placed in the negative energy area but I have to work my way out of it and back into the positive energy area. Sometimes I can work my way out fast and easy while other times I have to work very hard and it takes a very long time to get out of the funk. I have to know these people and vibes are out there but I can’t let them drag me down.

I have learned in my life to let go of the negative Nellies and the bad energies around me. Those downbeat people aren’t bringing anything good to my life and if I can’t help them get out of their destructive behavior then I must say goodbye. I would love to help every person in the world but some people don’t want help and there is only so much that I can give before I become infected.

Be silly, laugh, smile, and play! Life is too short to live it being pissed off at the world!

I want you to do something this coming weekend or next week.

 I want you to pass it on.

What? Pass what on?

Pass on positive vibes, kindness, joy, thoughtfulness, compassion, and love. That means when your cashier gives you an ugly face you smile and tell her you hope she has a better day. Then you move on and don’t let her ugliness make you ugly. She may be dealing with something unspeakable at the moment. When your friend is a negative Nelly you help turn that person into a positive light by showing kindness and love. How can you help turn that person’s day around? Pick up their kids for them from school? Grab him a cup of coffee? How about buying lunch for the person behind you in line? Tipping that waitress extra with a nice note…there are so many things you can do that could cost you nothing or $3 dollars or $100 dollars…it doesn’t matter what you do or if you spend money. Just whatever you do be sure to do it with a smile and a positive vibe. YES it may be hard at first and you may have to constantly say be positive and smile but soon it will just become ingrained in you.

There is enough negative and mean in this world…spreading like bad viruses.

I need you to be a vaccine. I need you to help stop the spreading of the virus. I need you to have a positive energy. So this week when the negative energies start getting shoved on you…take a step back. Put on your gloves and mask and get ready to let the bad vibes bounce off of you. You are made in the likeness of Christ. I don’t believe he has any negative energy in his body what so ever. We weren’t made to be negative. We were made to lift others up….not tear them down.

Go shine your light