I am a big believer in healing your body from the inside out! I don’t like to take medicines because you never know what the side effects are or what comes with the taking of those medicines. I obviously take them if needed but I try to do whatever I can first off myself. My cute little mother mom had an aortic aneurysm last December and I tore a tendon in my rotator cuff and we both have Hashimoto’s. I thought I would share some of the stuff we do to help us heal our bodies from all of these things!


I am a big believer in CBD hemp oil. SAY WHAT? Some of you are thinking what in the world is this and others of you I’m sure have heard of it. CBD has quite a few benefits such as helping fight inflammation and has been proven to help your mood. Do a little research and you might be surprised! I take a dropper full each day to help first off with the inflammation in my body due to Hashimoto’s (an auto immune disease that affects your thyroid making it a hypothyroid) but I upped my dosage to two dropper fulls a day while I am healing my torn tendon. My mother takes a dropper full randomly when she is starting to ache and it will take some of the ache away, though I  would like her to try some each day to help with her arthritis. My husband takes two droppers a day and loves the benefit it gives his mood.

This the brand we use!

 Homemade Bone Broth…..yes it is intimidating at first to make bone broth but it really is quite easy! I usually do chicken bones but have used beef bones before. I make a big pot and then place them in my freezer so I can pull them out when I need them. I try to drink some each week for my body when it is healing and whenever my mom pops down I make her a mug to drink. Whenever the boys start getting sick I just pop this out of the freezer and warm it up. They love the way it taste and it is so comforting when you are feeling a little under the weather.

Smoothies….yes smoothies. Each day my smoothie changes depending on what I think my body needs that day. For my mom I usually keep it the same because she likes less calories, needs it to taste good, and she can’t handle a lot of protein at once. Smoothies are fabulous because I can put whatever my body needs in them each day! Collagen? Glutamine? Protein? Greens? Fruits? Antioxidants? A little energy? Pretty much everyday my smoothie has collagen, fruit, milk (almond usually) with protein and Glutamine.

Vitamins of course! Each day I take a multi-vitamin, hair skin nails, fish oil, chlorophyll, Turmeric & Ginger, Ashwagandha, Vitamin C, Probiotics, and at night Inositol. Some days I have to add some folic acid, iron, or vitamin D just depending on how I am feeling. I know when my body is getting low on these and I start amping it up when I see the signs.

Food……You are what you eat…..seriously its true! Y’alllllll I LOVE…like seriously LOVE coffee! I am a busy working mom of 3 small boys! I NEED COFFEE! I LOVE COFFEE but coffee is not good for me. Seriously. I have been off of coffee since May 2018 and I feel so much better off the coffee. I read that is was a disruptor for the medicine I take and it wasn’t good for my Hashimotos but then I read how great people were feeling off it so I decided to try it! OH MY LORD…..the first 3 days were a freaking nightmare….NIGHTMARE!!! After that though I just can’t tell you what a difference it made in my life NOT having the coffee! So much that I still stick to it! I do miss the warm and comforting sensation in the morning with my devotional so I sometimes have a black breakfast tea. Every once in while I will grab a latte as a treat but for the most part I learned I am better without the coffee. Seriously bad foods that are processed with soy, chemicals and preservatives are not helping our bodies heal but they aren’t good for our bodies in general! The books I have read say that they believe auto immune diseases are on the rise because of all the soy and preservatives etc that are in foods today! Please be mindful about what you are feeding and fueling your body with! I promise you will feel amazing if you start making changes to what you are fueling yourself with.

WATER.…God put water here for a reason. DRINK IT. Water helps heal your body and flush bad toxins out. Be sure to drink enough water each day to keep your body well hydrated.

Massage…..yes…seriously! I try to massage my mom once a week sometimes twice if I can and it helps her walk better and manage the pains and aches she has. Massage is just something that everybody needs in their lives to help keep stress down, loosen those overworked muscles, and help keep your mind right. I am spoiled because my husband bought me my own massage table for my mothers day present and we use it constantly here at our house. It has been a great investment for us….Hey and you know the saying…..HAPPY WIFE=HAPPY LIFE! LOL

Exercise…yes exercise. Obviously pay attention to your body. While I am healing from my torn tendon I can only run and spin but I still make sure to get those workouts in because exercise warms our muscles up almost like a heating pad for them. It also gives us endorphins and makes us sweat helping to get rid of toxins. Seriously make time for it unless you are extremely sick or have an extreme injury.

Yoga/Meditation – Every week I try and do a restorative yoga for my mom and I try to squeeze in one for myself because it is so important to let your body and mind take a breather. It is crazy how much better my mom started feeling mentally after we started incorporating restorative yoga and a massage each week. She became a new person. Ready to take on life again and she mentally could handle things that came her way. Mediation is something you can do each day for just 5 minutes or 20 minutes and it will  improve your mood, stress, and how you handle everyday stresses that are thrown at you. My mediation is usually incorporated into my yoga but my husband does a mediation each morning before work to help get his mind focused and ready to take on the day.

ICE – Somebody said something that was very true to me….LeBron James makes how much money per game? Like crazy amounts right?! This guy can buy and receive the best medical treatment out there BUT when he gets hurt what do you see him using on the bench? ICE….yes ICE because it actually works and helps your body heal!  Every day I ice my rotator cuff for ten minutes and use a tens unit to help heal it. A great thing is to do a 10 minute ice bath after long workouts. These ice baths help fight inflammation and fatigue in your body. I use them quite a lot when running 7 miles or more or any workout that just takes a lot out of me.

REST/SLEEP…sometimes you just have to rest. Your body is working hard at healing and it needs you to not be going 24/7. So take some days to not work your body so hard. I really try to be in bed by 10 pm every night because is super important for my body to have that sleep and be well rested since it is already in fight mode every day.

Now get out there and take care of yourself! You are the only person that will truly take care of yourself. You decide what you put in your body and what you to do it. You only have this ONE body! Make sure to take care of it and keep it healthy so that you can do everything you want to do for a very long time!