Do you do good deeds? 

Well sure, of course I do is what you’re thinking in your head….but could you DO MORE?

I could!

I have always tried to do good things like taking food to someone, giving clothes, texting or calling someone to brighten their day, watch a persons kids, hand $1 to a person on the street….you know all that kind of stuff… typical things I do BUT I got to thinking what can I do that is different and MORE. I want people to PAY IT FORWARD…I want to do things and then they go and do for others so we can spread it everywhere! That is A LOT to ask I KNOW but seriously what happens to the world when/if we all tried to pay it forward at least once a week!

I watched my mom spread the love and pay it forward constantly as a kid…even when we didn’t have an extreme amount of money. I watched her pay for peoples lay away items, groceries, and more….never saying a word…never letting anyone know what she had done….because that is what we are supposed to do!! We are supposed to pay it forward and do without letting anyone know! It is just for us and God to know about! We don’t brag or share what we have done because then that takes away from what we have just accomplished! How amazing do you feel when you have done something and brightened someones day? You are spreading God’s love and light and showing that there is GOOD in this world! 

Last week I dropped of some stamps at the post office and left them there with a little note…for anyone who needed a stamp! I wanted them to see that and then go do something good on their own. They may or may not do it but maybe just maybe I made someone smile. What can you do to make someone smile or feel the love? There are so many different ways to spread that love!

I challenge you this week to a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS and do it without sharing that you did it. Keep it inside for just you and God….letting it blossom in your heart and grow so that you continue to do more. Doing more GOOD makes us FEEL GOOD….there is a reason for that! GOD IS GOOD and WE can SHARE HIS GOODNESS when WE DO GOOD! When I do for others I don’t think about what I can get in return or whatever! For example when I give blood…I don’t take the Walmart gift card, the t-shirt or whatever it is because I am there to give blood to simply give blood and help! I DO take the cookies and juice by the way….I mean…I hate needles and I just gave you my blood so yes COOKIE ME UP!

Rivers, I would LOVE to do for others but I don’t know where to start or I don’t have enough money.

I’ve got you covered……here are a few things to help you get started…. all prices!

Buy the person behind you in lines food or coffee.

Donate clothes to people, charities, churches, etc…

Leave stamps at the post office for people to grab or change to buy a stamp!

Leave the mailman or UPS man a treat at the door or in the mailbox.

See someone struggling to pay for their groceries? Help pay for them, offer them a $20!

Tape $5 to the gas pump to help pay for someones gas.

Tape an envelope of change to the vending machines at places like hospitals and so forth.

Donate blood…..and don’t take anything but the cookies and juice.

Drop food off at someones door who is ill or hard for them to leave the house…Amazon and Walmart deliver to their door for you!

That doctor or nurse that is working the late shift….stop by and leave a treat for them! To brighten their long night or day ahead of them!

Firemen, Policemen, Teachers, Janitors, a small business owner…think of everyone and do something nice for them!

Single parent? Help them out! Drop an envelop with cash in it in their mailbox…offer to watch their kids….deliver food to them one night!

Pray for them, light a candle for them, and write them a note letting them know you have them covered in prayers…you don’t even have to sign your name!

I hope you all have a GREAT WEEKEND & that you take a moment this weekend to go ahead and set up your random act of kindness for the week!