JUNE 2018
Let me first start with…I AM NOT PERFECT.
My body changes with each workout I am doing, what I am eating or drinking, how I am sleeping, under stress, and so forth. These pictures are from June, August, and October 2018. See how different I look especially my stomach in all of them. I took REAL photos to show you the RAW & REAL. My stomach is flatter in the morning and more bloated at night. If I am eating clean and doing a lot of cardio with light muscle toning I look more lean. Just running has my arms and legs shaping differently….each workout I do and whatever I eat plays a role in how I look that month, week, or day! We all have different body shapes and some workouts work better or worse for us…. so learn what works for YOUR body and how you feel. I am a curvy girl. I have always had an hourglass figure…. some things just aren’t going to change and that is okay. I workout to feel good and keep my body strong, fit, happy, and healthy. I constantly change up what I am doing so that I am always having fun…. since I do that my body will never always look the same! Some days we just look more plump and other days we look more fit…..that is just how it goes BUT what doesn’t change…..I always workout and try to eat healthy. Being fit is 80 percent eating healthy and 20 percent working out. I’m serious. How you feed and fuel your body is the most important thing you can do for yourself….then exercise is next.
October 2018
NOW, lets get to what I wanted to talk about…….I have had people ask me about different “diets”
Ketogenic diet. Cabbage Diet. South Beach. Any diet plan and I have been asked about it.
I get asked a lot what I do to stay in shape. I’m not a body builder and I’m not overweight….. I’m just here in between doing my thing! I don’t do these fad diets….drink this two times a day, eat a lot of fat, go completely no carb….NO NO & NO.

 Y’all it’s simple.

Stop looking for the fastest and easiest way because all that is gonna give you is… BAD! A lot of these diets are not maintainable. Like it or not they aren’t! Are you gonna drink a shake for breakfast and lunch for the rest of your life? Are you gonna have a meal delivered to your door portioned out everyday for the rest of your life? Are you never gonna eat carbs again?! Are you gonna pop that diet pill everyday? See what I’m getting at. These diets aren’t teaching you a healthy maintainable lifestyle. Not to mention a large majority of them aren’t safe. We are meant to have a balanced life. That means not just eating fruit every day all day of every year…that means not eating too much fat in your diet, not eating just a soup or having no carbs. We need different proteins, fats, carbs, and yes even a touch of sugar to keep our bodies going right.

It’s easy.

Burn more calories than you eat and eat balanced & healthy foods…..DID you HEAR me??

Let me repeat that for the back row…..Burn more CALORIES than you EAT! 

Get in some form of exercise to help burn more calories a day. Try to make sure you get in cardio and muscle toning each week and eat balanced. That means have healthy carbs, healthy fats, healthy lean meats, veggies and fruits just watch your portions.
If you burn 2,000 calories a day, eating 1,500 will make you lose weight. It’s simple. Exercise & eat healthy.
August 2018
Don’t turn to these diets and plans that aren’t teaching you how to live a healthy lifestyle. Follow common sense and what really works and continues to work in your life. These diets are scary what they can do to your health. God created us to eat a balanced healthy diet. I am all in to understanding plants, grains, preservatives, soy and how they affect you so be sure to start researching…I will blog about it at some point. Some foods that you think are “GOOD” for you really aren’t…. especially if you have certain conditions so really look and research what you are eating. READ LABELS….if you don’t know what it is or can’t pronounce its name then its probably bad for you! Look at the fats, sugars, carbs, and proteins….. see how many calories there are per serving. There is a nutrition label on every food that lets you know the good, the bad, the ugly and sometimes they hide the ugly. Most packaged food isn’t great for you so when I shop I TRY to stay out of those areas….I said TRY…I do have Oreo lovers in my house! I am trying to teach them balance but also get them to understand that they are feeding and fueling their bodies when they eat and drink. Would you want your kid or mom or dad or whoever just eating cabbage soup everyday? I didn’t think so! Then WHY are you doing it? Focus on real food with REAL flavor….not fake flavors made my humans or altered by humans!
It takes time to adjust to a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of work and commitment and it never leaves….it never stops...IT NEVER ENDS. Of course there are days when you eat a little unhealthy and that is okay because we want to live a little! When you get off for a day of splurge get right back to healthy the next day. Once you eat healthy for a few weeks/months you will feel how bad you feel when you eat unhealthy and you will WANT to eat healthy. Your taste will change and you will start appreciating and enjoying REAL food not smothered in sauces.

How do you keep up with the calories you consume and what they are?

A journal. Get you a tiny little journal to keep at a desk, a purse or bag and anytime you eat write it down and the calories. Don’t know the calories look it up…you have a smart phone and estimate your servings times the calories. Once you look at calories and proportions for so long it just becomes a part of you. The food journal really helps you to see when and what you are eating. You start to realize you are snacking too much or you’re eating to many calories to early in the day or whatever it is and you can then make changes to help you lose weight or stay in shape. Food journals make you aware! As you go through the day tally up how many calories you had and what is your goal to stay around each day. The journal helps you stay committed and accountable. I swear by these for people just starting out. It is an extra step and extra work but they are life changing. They are a slap in the face….a wake up call staring right back at you saying HEY you are messing up. I have been doing it for so long I don’t even need a journal I can tally it up in my head as I go or use a post it but at first the journal is the best place to start. I also suggest writing how you feel each day. Was it a hard day? Eating healthier…is it making you feel better? It is nice to go back later and look to see how you were feeling and see where you are.

Bottom line: Eat Healthy, Watch Proportions, and Exercise to change the look of your body and to burn more calories than you consume. It’s not rocket science…..I mean I figured it out……. so can you but you MUST be committed to changing your life. You have to want the change. You have to want to be healthy….nobody can make you. It is all up  to you to stop the cycle of overeating bad foods and not exercising.

AGAIN, I am not perfect. I have fat, cellulite, c-section tummy….all of it. I don’t want a full six pack because I like cake to much for that! I just want to be healthy and live a long prosperous life watching my family grow and thrive. While I am being healthy I happen to stay pretty fit and that is a side perk. It isn’t about being skinny or having a Victoria Secret body or J-Lo’s body or whatever else. That’s great and all but it is about how I feel when I am eating right and exercising. I can take on the world when I feed my body with good. I am a capable strong woman because I am doing great things for myself. Treating my body badly will not help me be strong and capable or give me a long life span. So why would I do it any other way? 

If I can help you in any way possible please contact me and let me know!