Rivers Gist Gainspoletti was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi on September 2, 1983, to creative parents who encouraged her interest in the arts. Rivers is married to James Russell Gainspoletti with three children Beckham Gary, Noah Gist, and Grey Edwards. Having attained a B.A. degree and a masters in Art Education, Rivers served as an art educator from 2006 until 2016, when she decided to pursue her art career full time.

Based in Cleveland, Mississippi, in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, Rivers creates in many different mediums. Her travels across Europe along with her acute sense of surroundings have served to enhance her evolution in all her artistic endeavors. She has created artworks for numerous events and shows. Just recently she created pottery for the

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Delta Supper Club that was subsequently featured in the New York Times. In addition she created a watercolor painting of the Mississippi Grammy Museum that is now housed in the Cleveland, Mississippi museum. She is also recognized in the book Artist Up and Down the Delta.

Rivers is no stranger to hard work and actually seems to thrive when challenged. For example, she currently works at the pottery wheel on her lawn as she awaits the completion of her new studio. Having never had heat or air conditioning in her studios, she has always continued to create her art simply because that is who she is. Art is a “calling” and she takes great pride in the fact that each creation is unique and original. Rivers never uses molds in her pottery and creates everything from hand. When you choose a piece of her work, regardless of the medium, you can rest assured that it is one of a kind. Her creativity in all mediums is constantly changing and evolving. If you allow her art to have a place in your home, you will have an original work that will always be as special as the artist herself.

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